What is 2 color me ?

2colorme is my (Daniel Norman) blog dedicated to my dive into the world of photoblogging.
When I was 15 I was first introduced into the world of photography during high school photography classes. Funnily enough at that age I used (rather misused) the opportunity to cause mischief in the darkroom and have fun. In between all the that, I began digging into old photography books we had sitting around and 70’s National Geographic magazines. I started liking the amount of information one photo can pass. Powerful snaps immediately drew my attention and I wanted to develop that ability. Starting with an old Pentax Spotmatic camera I began shooting and developing black and white.
Ever since I have been lucky enough to travel, live in different places, and nourish my ambition towards photography.


Who am I?

I am Daniel Norman. Originally from Israel. I spent my early years in Cincinnati Ohio, my primary school years in Israel and my teenage years in Sydney Australia. I then moved back to Israel, where I served in the Navy as a medic and navigator.

When I finished my navy service I wanted to travel but my bank balance barely allowed me to buy a flight ticket. Starting a 9-5 job immediately wasn’t tempting. I for skills in a field that would give me balance between choice and freedom.

I had always been interested in computers, technology, and had experience programming during high school. The internet at the time was no longer a joke, the LAMP stack that facilitated the Wikipedia and Facebook revolution was gaining momentum. my growing interest in the rapidly evolving Internet lead me to self learn web development.


I started working after a month as an intern with an old friend who was a freelancing. After a few months I decided it was time to move forward. I went searching for a job on the Internet with my relatively dull experience. Luckily enough I got accepted into a few jobs. Very quickly I began the 9 to 6 lifestyle I innocently thought I could escape from.

Later that year, I returned from a short trip to Europe. During my trip I spent two weeks in Berlin. At the same time I was reading a book called Vagabonding. A book about pursing a travelling lifestyle. I was always fascinated by people who manage to live such a life. The book somehow made me feel like maybe I could also it too. Moving to new countries, immersing oneself in the local culture, learning the language.

Berlin gave me the impression there is always something happening. Whether it’s art, music, or technology. The capital of Europe’s largest economy had something very unconventional. This was a time when smartphones started gaining popularity, and it seemed like the right place to be.

I took a leap of faith, decided to move to Berlin, learn German, and apply to university. I took a few months of planning the grand move, gave my workplace notice, and booked my ticket for November 2011. 2colorme will be digital landscape to share my journeys through a photographic medium.

Among my other interests are photography, cycling, ceramic pottery, design, technology, economics, meditation, and Internet entrepreneurship.

I write about my technological endeavours as a software developer here and I’m on Github. I occasionally dabble in writing. You can find me on Medium.