What is 2 color me ?

2 color me is my(Daniel Norman) website dedicated towards my dive into the world of photoblogging.
When I was 15 I was first introduced into the world of photography during high school photography classes. Funnily enough at that age I used(rather misused) the oppurtunity to cause mischief and have fun. In between all the fun in classes, digging into old photography books and 70’s National Geographic magazines I started liking the amount of information one photo can pass. Powerful snaps immediately drew my attention and I wanted to develop that ability. Starting with an old film camera I began shooting and developing black and white.
Ever since I have been lucky enough to travel, live in places and nourish my ambition towards photography.


Who am I?

I am Daniel Norman. Originally from Israel. I spent my early years in Cincinnati Ohio, my primary school years in Israel and my teenage years in Sydney Australia. In the last few years I have been living in Israel. I served in the Navy as a navigator and medic.

When I finished my national service I wanted to travel but my bank balance barely allowed me to buy a flight ticket. Starting a 9-5 job wasn’t that tempting . I decided to gain some skills in a field that would give me more choice and freedom. I had some experience with programming during high school and my growing interest in the rapidly evolving Internet lead me to self learn web development.


I started working after a month as an intern with an old friend who was a freelancing. After a few months I decided it was time to move forward. I went searching for a job on the Internet with my relatively dull experience. Luckily enough I got accepted into a few jobs. Very quickly I began the 9 to 6 lifestyle I innocently thought I could escape from.

Recently I returned from a short trip to Europe. During my trip I spent two weeks in Berlin. At the same time I was reading a book called Vagabonding. A book about pursing a travelling lifestyle. I was always fascinated by people who manage to live such a life. The book somehow made fee l like I could do it too.

Berlin gave me the impression there is always something happening. Whether it’s Art or music or technology, It’s the capital of Europe’s largest economy. I took a leap of faith and decided to move to Berlin, learn German and apply to university. A few months of planning, letting my workplace know I will be leaving and doing what’s required I have booked my ticket for late November 2011.  So 2 color me will follow my transition through the photographic medium.

Among my other interests are photography, cycling, ceramic pottery, design and Internet entrepreneurship.

I write about my technological endeavours as a developer here and I’m on github.